It's Easy!

A Step by Step Guide to Cutisonic.

1. Package Contents

Cutisonic Sonic Cleaner & Applicator
Hypoallergenic Cleansing Pad
Liquid MakeUp Applicator Pad
USB Recharge Cable
Instruction Manual

2. Recharge

Plug USB cable into a charger or laptop
Charge light goes red, and turns green when fully recharged
Full Charge : 2 hours
Operating time : 6 hours


3. Cleanse

Wet face first with warm water.
Attach cleansing head, apply cleanser.
Press On button for low speed. Press again for high speed. Press again to switch off.
Cleanse skin in small circles, avoiding eyes. Clean ‘T’ areas, both cheeks and chin.
Wash directly, or remove silicon cleanser for rinsing.

4. Clean & Rinse

Flush and clean after use, dry with a towel or cloth
For spots and dirt, wipe with cloth that has been immersed in soapy water

Apply MakeUp

5. Change for Makeup

Changing from cleanser mode to makeup mode is simple and takes just seconds.
1. Peel back cleanser pad
2. Position makeup pad centrally
3. Press to secure makeup sponge

6. Apply & Spread

Apply liquid makeup to edgeless makeup sponge, and apply to your skin. MakeUp is applied and spread more rapidly, more uniformly and evenly, and gives a deeper, longer lasting finish due to the ultrasonic applicator.



Change cleansing and makeup pads every 3 months or as required.
Stop using this product if you experience any inflammation, burning or severe acne on your skin.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not disassemble the unit

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