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Women generally love makeup because it not only gives them a flawless touch which is craved by all but also makes them happy. Feeling good and beautiful is never wrong but many women remain worried about how to achieve the best makeup skills. Agreed that makeup is an art and mastering makeup skills may take a lot of time and patience but getting the basics correct can help women easily pull off a flawless look all the time. It is known to everybody how professionals use a range of makeup brushes for the facial makeup and those who are not familiar with these may find it very difficult to either understand or choose. The all new makeup applicator pad can be of great convenience in this respect. Women who need the basics of makeup correct should opt for this sonic brush that comes with a makeup applicator pad and hypoallergenic cleansing pads. Here are three ways of using it:-

  • Firstly, clean and moisturize the skin because it is very important to do so before applying any kind of makeup. Next, spread liquid foundation on the makeup applicator pad and start using it all over the skin to spread the foundation evenly over the face. It does much better than brushes or fingers because it spreads the makeup smoothly and evenly over the contours of the face to give a perfectly sculpted, flawless look. Use it in gentle vibrations properly in all places over the face to bring out the flawless tone of makeup.
  • Women can use the makeup applicator pad in the same way to apply compact powder or loose facial powder after the coat of foundation to complete the basics of their facial makeup. Once again, it helps to achieve a flawless look in minutes.
  • Last, but not the least, this sonic brush can also be used for ideal facial cleansing at night. Just as applying the makeup correctly is important, removing it properly is very important too. Leaving the makeup on the skin can severely harm it and stop it from breathing all night. Therefore, it is very important to cleanse the skin and remove all the makeup at night before sleeping. The makeup applicator pad can be easily peeled off to fit the hypoallergenic cleansing pads. The brush is then used in the same vibrating motion all over the face to cleanse the skin effectively. Women can also spread some cleanser on the hypoallergenic cleansing pads to clean the face in an even better way. The vibrations and sonic waves of the hypoallergenic cleansing pads remove the makeup from the skin’s layer leaving all corners absolutely clean.


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