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makeup-applicator-padThere are very few women on earth who detest makeup. While natural look is always praised and preferred, applying makeup is not wrong if known how to apply it properly and according to the occasion. Makeup is an art and not everyone is skilled enough to do it with perfection. To put on flawless makeup a person does not only need quality products from premium brands but the proper brushes too in order to blend the makeup well and create the impression of a flawless, natural look. Leave out the old makeup brushes and shift to an all new method of applying makeup with an electrical facial brush that comes equipped with a makeup applicator pad for best application.

These facial brush kits come with a rechargeable electric facial brush, a cleansing pad and a makeup applicator pad for serving different purposes. While the cleansing pad can be used to cleanse the skin at the end of the day or remove makeup gently from the skin, the makeup applicator pad can be used to apply liquid foundation on the skin. These are absolutely hypoallergenic cleansing pads that are washable and resistant to formation of bacteria. The usual methods used to apply liquid foundation are flat brushes, sponges or just fingers. While these methods are definitely effective, but they are messy and may not always give a flawless tone. To eliminate such troubles here is the all new makeup applicator pad that can be easily fixed with a push on the facial brush and used to spread the foundation all over the face.

This facial brush with a Makeup Applicator Pad is truly a revolutionary product in women’s beauty and skincare. The modes can be changed easily by peeling off the cleanser pad and setting the makeup applicator onto the brush. After cleaning and moisturizing the face spread a bit of liquid foundation on the applicator sponge. Use the vibrating brush to spread the foundation evenly all over the face. Use it along the contours of the face to reach out each area of the face and have a flawless spread of makeup easily applied. The ultrasonic wave of the facial brush helps to spread the liquid foundation more evenly on the epidermis of the skin and prevents creases and unevenness. Because it spreads the makeup in a smoother and more uniform way than any other method, it brings out a deeper and long lasting colour. Look more radiant and flawless than ever for longer durations by using the makeup applicator pad for makeup application. The same method can be used for applying beauty benefit creams; complexion care creams and compacts too.

These hypoallergenic cleansing pads and useful makeup applicators are slowly making their way to every smart and modern woman’s beauty kit for the loads of benefits they have in store for them.